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Oberon Speed SC 240

Product Name Active Ingredients Target Pest
Oberon Speed SC 240 Abamectin 11.1 g/h + Spiromesifen 228.6 g/h Minors, white flies, red spider mite Oberon speed has a new inhibition of biosynthesis. This new and the lack of mutual resistance to commercial products made spiromesifen a valuable tool in the fight against moths and management of resistance to whiteflies. Oberon Speed produces an excellent activity on the various stages of the development (eggs and pupa) of the whitefly and mites. The abamectine acts by stimulating the production of aminobutyic acid, an inhibiting neurotransmitter which causes paralysis in insects. The insecticide and acaricide act after contact or ingestion while the abamectine offers a systemic activity to limited plants.